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10 Cars which will run Over 250,000 Miles

10 Cars which will run Over 250,000 Miles

10 Cars which will run Over 250,000 Miles

While almost any car lately can clock 1 / 4 million miles if an owner throws enough money at it in terms of ongoing repairs and maintenance – some models tend to be more enjoyable to have and hold together better over the end of the day than others.

To determine which might be the foremost likely new vehicles to succeed in 250,000 miles and beyond, we combed the anticipated reliability ratings for brand spanking new cars published annually by Consumer Reports, supported subscriber surveys received for over 1 million vehicles 2005 through 2014 model years. Vehicles are ranked consistently with 17 potential problem areas, starting from significant components like the engine, transmission and brakes, and paint, trim and interior accessories.

We further winnowed down the highest-ranked cars consistent with which models Consumer Reports specifically recommends for a mixture of high marks in their extensive road tests, also as owner satisfaction surveys conducted among the publication's subscribers and other data.

10. Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 55 per cent above average. There are few vehicles also fitted to long road trips because of the Toyota Sienna minivan. It seats as many as eight passengers, with second-row riders ready to go "first-class" with available reclining captain's chairs with their airline-style footrests. With an extended list of entertainment and safety features offered, it's also the only minivan to supply optional all-wheel-drive for added traction over wet or snowy roads and a specially equipped mobility version for the advantage of infirm passengers.

9. Lexus RX 350 / 450h

Lexus RX 350 / 450h

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 57 per cent above average. Rating applies to both gasoline and hybrid-powered versions. The RX may be a luxury midsize five-passenger crossover sedan that hits all the proper notes regarding its amenable performance, comfortable and roomy interior, numerous available features and attractive styling. The 450h hybrid is the fuel economy leader within the line at 30 mpg in city/highway driving.

8. Mazda Mazda6

Mazda Mazda6

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 57 per cent above average. Widely held as a reasonable "driver's car," the midsize Mazda6 sedan delivers tenacious handling with a roomy and handsome interior that appears and seems like it belongs during a costlier luxury car.

7. Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 59 per cent above average. Rating applies only to models equipped with the 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The Passat delivers the products in terms of admirable performance and a voluminous interior that affords more back seat legroom than many larger full-size cars and trucks.

6. Audi Allroad

Audi Allroad

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 61 per cent above average. The Allroad is an Audi A4 beach wagon that's given the pseudo-SUV treatment with standard all-wheel-drive. The result's a family-friendly all-wheel-drive vehicle that's roomier and more practical than a sedan, but more manoeuvrable and fewer bulky than a comparably sized crossover.

5. Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 62 per cent above average. This rating is for the bottom, non-turbocharged versions of this stalwart compact crossover SUV. The Forester might not be incredibly expressive, but it dries quickly and comes standard widely accepted as being among the most straightforward all-wheel-drive systems within the industry.

4. Toyota Prius / Plug-In Prius

Toyota Prius / Plug-In Prius

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 63 per cent above average. Prius models rank highly in CR'sreliability report, with the essential 50-mpg gas/electric model. It's even more efficient plug-in hybrid version garnering top scores. the only problem we see with running the favoured Prius for 1 / 4 million miles, or any hybrid for that matter, is that the cost of eventually replacing the battery pack, and maybe quite once. Toyota's warranty extends to eight years or 100,000 miles on the Prius' battery, after which sources predict it'll cost around $2,500 to exchange. Still, once gas prices eventually shoot copy to $4.00/gallon, Prius owners will again appear as if the neatest people within the room.

3. Lexus ES 350 / 450h

Lexus ES 350 / 450h

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 63 per cent above average. Though this is often among the smallest amount sporty midsize sedans, especially within the luxury segment where models tend to emulate the BMW 5 Series, ES owners likely prefer it that way, getting from one point to a different without fuss or fury. This ranking applies to both the V6 gasoline-powered ES 350 and the 40-mpg 300h hybrid model.

2. Toyota Camry / Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry / Camry Hybrid

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 66 per cent above average. Though reviewers regularly bash the midsize Camry sedan for a scarcity of driver engagement, it's typically among the best-selling models for its easygoing manners and accommodating passenger cabin. This rating applies only to four-cylinder-equipped models, however, and therefore the 41-mpg hybrid-powered versions.

1. Scion xB

Scion xB

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 81 per cent above average. Though it's soon to drop from the model line, the boxy compact xB wagon may be a solid performer and is roomy enough to hold four tall adult riders in comfort, with a voluminous cargo area which will swallow a dorm room's worth of belongings when the rear seatbacks are folded flat. The centre-mounted control panel takes some getting won't get to, however.

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