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13 Creative idea to make your garden wonderful

 13 Creative idea to make your garden wonderful

Creative idea to make your garden wonderful

1-     1-Awesome fence of bird houses

Awesome fence of bird houses

If you want to decorate a wood fence, there is nothing more awesome than decorate it with birdhouses as you see on the picture

2-draw something

draw something

if you can draw and you are talented in painting, you can venture yourself to paint some creative things like these butterflies and some flowers too it's simple and creative at the same time

      3-Traditional style fence

Traditional style fence

An antique window frame and some decor to add a traditional elegance to the fence

4-Beach theme fence

Beach theme fence

if you like beaches, seas, and tropicals, you can simply bring them into your fence if like

  5-colourful butterflies

colourful butterflies

If you are practically skilled in origami, you can make paper clips in the form of butterflies and stick them on the fence, but I do not recommend this method because it will be affected by rain



it's a brilliant idea, and it will make your children happy, you can paint famous Disney characters and add some pleasure colours to your fence it will make a difference



reuse some old cans and paint them, and hang them on your fence add some plants on it's a creative idea too

8_Garden one the boots 

Garden one the boots

it is like the 7th idea but  instead of the cans, you use old boots a colourful ones Hang them on you fence it's weird but kinda funny

9_Plants grow vertically 

Plants grow vertically

Take advantage of the vertical space of your fence like this

10_Decorations with the geometric shapes of iron 

Decorations with the geometric shapes of iron

A great way to decorate your fence with beautiful iron patterns

11_vertical garden 

vertical garden

Creating a vertical garden along the fence from wooden boxes gives a nice view

 12_Decorate with bottles 

Decorate with bottles

Unique idea although a little complicated

13_Blossoms in shelves

Blossoms in shelves

Installing shelves on the fence and placing decorations and utensils on them, to add a beautiful view to the fence

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