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Crafts - 15 Creative Ideas on Recycling Holiday Greeting Cards

Crafts - 15 Creative Ideas on Recycling Holiday Greeting Cards

Crafts - 15 Creative Ideas on Recycling Holiday Greeting Cards

During the vacation and yuletide Seasons, we all get an abundance of holiday greeting cards. Once the peace has passed, what does one do with them?

Could you not throw them away?

I have 15 creative ideas to share with you on how you'll recycle and reuse those Greeting Cards.

1. Holiday Place Card Settings.

Holiday Place Card Settings.

Hamper your card to a 4" high by 3" wide size. Fold and score the cardboard within the center, making a 'tent' shape. You'll write the guest's name inside the cardboard

2. Postcards. Cut the rear off.

Postcards. Cut the rear off

Use the front side as a postcard.

3. Beverage Coasters.

Beverage Coasters.

Cut your card to a 4" square size. You now have disposable beverage coasters for your next party. If you'd like permanent coasters, seal the planning in clear contact paper.

4. Refrigerator Magnets. 

Refrigerator Magnets.

Cut out pretty designs from the front. Seal the planning with clear contact paper—glue a little magnet on the rear.

5. Coat and Sweater Pins.

 Cut out some pretty small designs from your cards. Glue a 1" pin closure onto the rear.

6. Recipe Cards

Hamper your card to live 3"x 5" in size. Write your favorite holiday recipes on the blank backside. You'll hand them out at your holiday party or your cookie exchange party.

7. Wall Decorations.

You'll mat and frame your greeting cards.

8. Scrapbooking and Cardmaking.

to form your items archival safe, lightly spray them with Archival Mist.


Cut your card to a 1 1/2" by 7" size. Use a hole punch to punch a hole near the highest edge. Attach a ribbon or tassel through the opening.

10. Gift bag and invitation cards. 

Hamper to a 1" by 3" size. Hole punch a hole within the left upper corner so that you'll attach the tag to the package with ribbon.

11. Tree Ornaments. 

Cut out 3" and 4" diameter designs. Hole punch a hole near the highest center. Use ribbon to form a hanger.

12. Jar Lid Toppers.

 If you're making gift mixes for offering as Holiday gifts, cut out a circle design to suit the highest of your jar lid. Glue to the jar lid using all-purpose crafting glue or a scrapbooking glue stick.

13. Holiday Placemats

Cut a sheet of poster board to the desired placement length. 

Glue card fronts onto poster board. Seal each side of the poster board with clear contact paper.

14. Charm Tags.

Cut out 2" diameter circles. Hole punch a hole near the center edge. 

Employing a key chain finding, insert chain through hole. Instant thanks for dressing up your purse, backpack, and key chains for the vacations.

15. CD/DVD Jewel Case Covers.

Dress up those holiday self-made DVDs and CDs by making your jewel case covers. Hamper greeting cards to suit inside the case, using the case as a template.

I hope these 15 crafty ideas have inspired your creative ideas. Remember, Don't throw them away. It is time to Recycle and Reuse those greeting cards!

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