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9 Creative DIY Furniture Ideas & Home Decor Hacks

9 Creative DIY Furniture Ideas & Home Decor Hacks

One of the simplest things about being an ingenious DIYer is taking something old and making it into something new. Perhaps it's no surprise then that many of my favorite pieces of furniture began as something else. Over the years, I have seen quite a few cool DIY projects where people converted unexpected things into furniture. A number of them are so cool and unbelievable that I just had to share them with you. From improvised shelving and seating to lamps and outdoor benches, these DIY furniture hacks are indeed impressive. Inspect the before and after photos to ascertain what I mean. You'll have already got a number of these pieces laying around, but if not, they will be picked up cheap at garage sales or thrift stores. Repurpose and upcycle things like this and make some awesome roll in the hay yourself home decor today!

9 Cool DIY Furniture Ideas

1. yard sale Cabinet Into Kitchen Stand

yard sale Cabinet Into Kitchen Stand

Can you believe this old cabinet might be made to seem so amazing as a kitchen island? The DIY project should be one of the more rewarding things to undertake. Please make certain to require your own before and after pictures once you do this DIY hack with a bit of old furniture I picked up both of those cabinets at a yard sale for $5.00! They weren't in perfect shape, but they were made from decent wood, and that I knew I might have definitely spent more to form them from scratch. It really was a no brainer on behalf of me. This was definitely a play it by ear kind of project. I dove in with reckless abandon. I just started ripping that sucker apart. I built little cubbies and put a marble top thereon. You'd not believe the compliments I buy thereon.

2. Door Headboard

Door Headboard

Old doors are many of the simplest things to upcycle since you'll do numerous things with them. I even have seen DIY coffee tables, desks, and now found this awesome roll in the hay yourself headboard. It seems like it came from a designer furniture store. T was crazy how it happened but, a couple of weeks back, on our date night, we spotted an old wooden door curbside. The supportive husband that Tim is, he stopped to feed my Roadkill Rescue addiction curiosity. The door was solid wood, and fortunately, my man was with me to heave it into our van. I had immediately had visions of turning the old door into a headboard for our bedroom.

3. Accent Tables Using movie Logs And Old Metal Chair Legs

Accent Tables Using movie Logs And Old Metal Chair Legs

Upcycled tables make one-of-a-kind conversation pieces. These adorable is great because they're super sturdy, you don't worry about putting your feet up; they cost little money to form and were very easy to place together. Just scour resale shops, salvage yards, and flea markets for old chairs or chair bases. You'll need to buy the entire chair and take away the highest. For the wood, try a lumberyard or millwork. It's best to use kiln-dried wood so it won't crack or shrink and expend an excessive amount of. Follow the instructions within the link and make these gorgeous tables, they're going not to disappoint.

4. Repurposed Dresser Bench

Repurposed Dresser Bench

I bought this dresser ($20) and two pieces of the beadboard paneling for $4 each. I know, $20 is much over my $5 limit….more that during a minute. I already knew that I wanted to repurpose it into a bench because I did one years ago, and I've been eager to roll in the hay again. It had been quite small and cute, so I used it in my Daughter's room, and it looked super!

5. Foot Rest From Old Drawers

Foot Rest From Old Drawers

How a few cute little ottoman or stool to rest your tired feet on? They really are quick and straightforward to form. Devour a sturdy, lonely drawer at a thrift store or Habitat Re-store and add some legs–4×4's are sturdy and work well. I always glue them in situ first with wood glue and await that to dry. I then flip it over and use three screws for every leg to connect them, screwing from the within. This is often one among the simplest most practical and useful DIY upcycled projects I've ever made. Try it!

6. Bi-Fold Closet Door Bookshelf

Bi-Fold Closet Door Bookshelf

I recently picked up some retro 60s bi-fold doors I picked up recently at Habitat For Humanity. Because the weather has been so cold, I took them to the basement shop to rework them into a bookcase. I started by removing the hinges and adding 1×4's to the highest and bottom of the doors then I cut some shelves from plywood. I'm testing them out, trying to work out the spacing using my clamps to carry the shelves in situ and form the doors look a touch less like doors, I added some front facings. You'll also see that I added the highest and a few trim. The shelving unit looked gorgeous when it had been all done, so happy!

7. wall unit Into A TV console

wall unit Into A TV console

One big style that has changed within the last ten approximately years is entertainment centers. With the advent of thinner flat-screen TVs, deep entertainment centers are no longer necessary - something thinner will do. Otherwise, you can even hang your TV on the wall (and frame it as we did ;). So, that leaves many older style entertainment centers sitting around on curbs and in thrift stores. Which makes them the right DIY revamp candidates, of course. And our guest today made quick work of hers by removing the highest and chopping it right down to make it into a TV console, perfect for holding your electronics beneath your wall-mounted TV:

8. Trash To Treasure Curb Side TV Transformation

  Trash To Treasure Curb Side TV Transformation

I saw an old TV in my neighbor's yard the opposite day, and my first impression was that somebody had left their garbage within the yard with the hope someone would take it. The box sat there for several days because who in their right mind would want THAT. It had been an OLD TV. Just like the kind I remember from once I was five—the type you really had to steer up to show the dial to vary the channels. If you don't have similar memories, then you almost certainly don't have any wrinkles. You actually don't skill rewind a record by learning the needle and guesstimating the proper ring on the record for the song you would like. But I digress. This type of TV restarted as soon as you needed only 13 or 14 channels, and only half of those channels were marked. Let me make it clear that this roadside trash piece didn't initially inspire me. I've also been through it on a merry way for several days. But I recently saw a DIY TV makeover project on Pinterest, and it just made my little mind flutter. If she could do that ... what would she lose? In the middle of a dreadful rainstorm, the kind that we get two or three times a year, I zoomed in to the point where this pathetic thing sat. So I loaded it into my pickup truck and got it in my garage, after about an hour of work and only two scratches, I successfully pulled the jacket out from the pickup truck. Remember, a lot of this was happening with intermittent rain. Don't worry, though. My neighbors already know I'm crazy. So I worked and even worked my trash to appreciate this DIY recycled TV project that looked amazing.

9. Ladder towel horse

   Ladder towel horse

This old rustic ladder was within the garage once we bought the house and it somehow ended up within the bathroom. We started hanging our towels from it because it had been there, within the way, so I assumed. At some point, I noticed there are no accidents, and it stayed, making the simplest and therefore, the easiest DIY upcycled project I've ever made!

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