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Creative Ideas for Couples that Are Too Bored

Creative Ideas for Couples that Are Too Bored

Creative Ideas for Couples that Are Too Bored

Finding someone to share your life with is wonderful – meeting someone, getting to know them and fall in love with them is always a special and unique experience and the honeymoon phase in the beginning of a relationship is truly wonderful. Everything is new and exciting, every touch is electrifying and you long to spend every waking hour with your loved-one.  For a while, it seems like the butterflies will last forever and that you will never stop being inspired for new ways to show your affection.

Tip #1 – Take up a class together – something that will get your creativity flowing, like a pottery class, art class, cooking class, etc.

This change will benefit the two of you individually, because thinking in new ways and being exposed to different things helps you evolve, as a person. Suddenly, you feel lighter, happier and more inspired than you’ve been in years. There’s a reason why they teach art in school, and it’s not because of the importance of color theory, but because it helps you exercise your creativity.

Tip #2 – Marathon a movie series or TV show together and make a theme night out of it.

Let me guess – you usually come home from work, eat dinner either together or separately and then get into bed. You then probably watch a movie together or a few episodes of a show, but fall asleep early, before you even get to see the ending. That’s not the most thrilling evening plan in the world, but at least you’re trying to do something together.

Tip #3 – Take the time to regularly write lists of things you enjoy most about each other. Then switch and read them out loud.

Sometimes, when you are with someone for longer than you can remember, you tend to start taking them for granted. Having someone who’s been there forever is easy and comforting and feels completely natural, so we can forget to outwardly express how much we appreciate each other, because we think it’s something that goes without saying. It’s true that once you survive past the honeymoon phase of a relationship, you quit fawning over each other every waking hour and even the I love you’s come less frequently. But that doesn’t mean that you should continue on this path.We all like and need to feel appreciated by our loved ones and especially by our significant other.

Tip #4 – Take up an extreme sport – sharing a new, intense experience will curb the routine and bring you even closer.

There are few things that bring as much excitement as an adrenaline rush. An experience that causes one can change you, and not only by turning you into an extreme experience junky. Participating in an extreme act can completely turn your life around and make you reassess your priorities. Such experiences are truly unique, and they are even more special if they are shared with a loved one, particularly a significant other.

Tip #5 – Switch up the places where you usually go to eat. Try a new kind of cuisine every week.

When you think about it, food is actually a big part of our lives that we often underestimate. If you sit down to add up the numbers, you will find that we literally spend years of our lives eating. But just because it is something we do for survival and nutrition doesn’t mean we don’t take pleasure in the process. In fact, we love food, which is why we often share the dining experience with others, oftentimes a significant other. Continuing the idea of switching things up and avoiding boredom and routine, why don’t you make it a point to try new dishes every week? Take your partner along and instead of going to your usual place or ordering pizza at home, experiment with a new kind of cuisine every week. 

Tip #6 – Take an animal in, either for foster care or in order to give it a permanent home.

in order to give it a permanent home. We all have a nurturing side and that part of us usually comes out with kids, pets, loved-ones or even plants, for the less skilled. There’s just this human need to take care of something and help it grow and this biological urge is usually joint when a couple has a child. However, before you decide to take on a responsibility as big as raising a child, some people prefer to try with a furry friend, first. Acquiring a pet can be the nurturing outlet you were looking for and can help you figure out whether or not you would make suitable parents or prepare for the moment when you will actually have a son or daughter. Think of it as a test run for one of the most important decisions in your life.

Tip #7 – Learn a practical, but sensuous skill together, like cooking or dancing.

Getting stuck in a rut means having too much of the same old thing; not necessarily getting tired of the same partner, but of the same activities, day after day after day. Because learning something new is always a fun experience, why not try it together? Especially a practical skill, like dancing, cooking or anything else that also stimulates your imagination. These activities, in particular, are also very sensual, and may produce surprising results when practiced in a couple. Spend a night a week learning together from the pros and then go home and put your newly-acquired skills to good use. You could experiment with food together, make different meals, create something new or just have fun with cooking. Making a combined effort to apply this new culinary knowledge will help you work as a team, bond and have fun together.

Tip #8 – Be spontaneous and go on a trip together, without planning anything.

As you get older and when you’re in a long-term relationship, spontaneity is usually the first to go. Either because we mature, or because we simply become more boring, we neglect and overlook spontaneity, or view it as immature impulsiveness. Routine and boredom install themselves in your life precisely because of this lack of immaturity, which is why it is nice – and very beneficial – to throw caution to the wind from time to time and simply do something because you feel like it. A good example of such a thing is taking a road trip. Decide that you want to leave someday and just pack up and go. Be spontaneous, take your significant other along and go on a road trip together, without planning anything. The unknown can be very exciting and it will feel “wrong” in the best way
possible. Jump on a train or pack up the car, hit the road and see where you
end up.

Tip #9 – Engage in childish, friendly competition.

As we have previously established, the thing that leads to boredom and routine faster than anything else is forgetting what it’s like to be a child. We get so caught up in our mature, adult lives that we don’t remember to take a break and have fun like we used to when we were kids. Our professionals lives are effectively taking over our personal ones, but you are definitely able to change that. The truth is, one of the things that help us bond and fall in love is sharing childish experiences with each other. In fact, it was probably what made you fall in love with your significant other, in the first place. 

Tip #10 – Go to concerts, shows or festivals; check out new bands and explore other musical areas together.

You will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like music or just doesn’t listen to music. It is one of the things we enjoy the most, because music speaks to us in very special and personal ways. Music can be deep and meaningful and express all sorts of feelings we would not have the courage to say out loud. That’s why bonding over music is unique and it is something you will always have together.

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Tip #11 – Instead of just buying presents for each other, buy experiences.

It’s true – everyone loves presents and a surprise one that comes out of the blue, for no reason and with no preparation, is definitely always wellreceived and appreciated by mostly everyone. But after some time – especially after you have spent years together – you come to realize that you have bought your partner everything that money can buy, everything they want or need and that you are at a loss for a suitable present for them. You want it to be special and meaningful, but that can be too much to ask from a present you bought at the mall – unless it’s a wedding ring, but that’s an
entirely different territory.

Tip #12 – Make a point of attending conventions or shows where you get to dress up like your favorite characters and interact with other fans.

Since we have already established that doing childish things together is not only alright, but actually beneficial, you can decide to go all the way and try attending a comics or anime convention or an interactive, audience participation show, like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you’re looking for something creative, different from anything else and a little kooky, this kind of activity is for you. Of course, once you decide to do something like this, you have to go all the way and deck yourselves out in costumes, cosplay as your favorite couple, reenact your favorite scenes along with other enthusiasts, or whatever crazy activity you can engage in. her more. Not necessarily buying things, but paying attention to each other, dinner invitations, going out, etc.

Tip #13: Surprise each other more. Not necessarily buying things, but paying attention to each other, dinner invitations, going out, etc.

There is nothing that breaks up the routine quite like surprises. It’s a cliché to say that everyone loves surprises, but it’s true. There’s just somewhat of a childish excitement that comes about when someone surprises you. Maybe it’s because of the unknown quality of the present or because of the cozy feeling you get when you realize someone took to the time to think about you and organize a surprise for you. But whatever the reason, they are always a welcome addition to a week from an otherwise boring or uneventful life.

Tip #14 – Have a day per week when you spend time together and are not allowed to use technology

Nowadays, we are excessively caught up in technology and it permeates every aspect of our lives; this can consequently interfere with our personal relationships. We focus so much of our attention on other things, that we oftentimes forget to remain receptive to our loved-ones – specifically, to our partners. Luckily, this can be rectified and our collective love-affair with technology cannot ruin real-life love, as long as you make a point of paying attention to your spouse.The trick, here, is to disconnect from the world and connect with your significant other. What this means, in other words, is to allow yourselves a day per week – most likely on the weekend – when you spend time together and don’t make use of technology. You can’t each be on your laptop doing your own business while pretending to spend time together; that would only be kidding yourselves. Disconnecting from technology and focusing on your partner will push you to either find new things to do together, spend more time in bed or communicate more. Even just relaxing together can be a great bonding experience. Having that time when you know that you are not “allowed” to do anything else can be very freeing, and it certainly helps maintain a loving, healthy relationship.

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