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modern interior design ideas

 modern interior design ideas

20 modern interior design ideas

What is a modern interior? Technical innovations, bold color solutions, contradictory trends in combining progressive technologies and natural materials. Our cheat sheet will help to avoid utilitarian stamps and create an up-to-date interior.

12. Personalize the interior Trends

 styles, advice - leave aside another's opinion. The main requirement for a modern interior is that it should appeal to you. Even if for personal interest it is necessary to sacrifice the advice of girlfriends, a designer or an old dream of the mother. Choose your style, find your color. Do not be afraid to seem boring or, on the contrary, too extravagant. Look for inspiration everywhere - in the changing seasons, at an art exhibition, in children's drawings or your favorite movie.

11. Decorate the windows

 Never leave windows "for later". Do not put a tick in the form of wooden blinds or short "grandmother's" curtains, appealing to the retro style. Not today and not now. Combine blinds or roller blinds with drapes in the floor to lengthen the window and create an elegant drapery. Think over the design to the smallest detail, so that the window decoration looks complete and complete.

10. Arrange accents with lighting 

Modern designers create incredible visual effects using properly selected lighting. But you can change a lot if you look at the light in the house from a different angle. Remember that the top light should not be the main light - it creates sharp shadows. At the same time, floor lamps are too hackneyed and boring. A much more expressive effect is created by wall lamps. Spotlighting of paintings or bookshelves, sconces for reading or low lamps above the table.

9. ZONE space with color 

Bright accents on the walls can zonate space no worse than furniture and decorative partitions. In the bedroom, you can highlight the dark wall behind the head of the bed. Such a reception will make the space more chamber and intimate. In the living room or studio, emphasize the energetic color of the workplace. So you can change the geometry of too narrow or, conversely, wide rooms, create a volume or emphasize the functionality of a particular zone. 5. Use neutral colors in the interior Neutral color in the interior is an unconditional trend. If you are limited by the budget, use neutral colors when painting walls, choosing floor coverings, sofas. So you like priming the canvas for the future picture. With the help of accessories, lighting and textiles, you can create an individual style, which is then easy to change.

8. Keep the details of the original interior

 If you found an old stucco molding, painting or fireplace during repairs, it would be a crime to get rid of such treasures. There is nothing more expressive than carefully restored elements of the original decor. Old wooden doors, trim frames, frames, beams - similar inclusions from the past can become an excellent accompaniment for a modern interior

. 7. Bed the carpet 

Beautiful floor, decorated with parquet or a massive board, I do not want to hide from the eyes. And yet, lay a carpet. Soft and cozy, it will be the center of attraction for all family members. In extreme cases, it can always be rolled up and removed for a while.

6. Combine the whole house with one style

 The decoration should not be scrappy, like cuttings from last year's newspaper. One space smoothly flows into another. This should be emphasized by harmonious color transitions, light, floor covering and carpets. In the fashion of organic, natural smooth lines and naturalness. Style eclectic in this case - it's a slippery path, if you are not sure of your ability to elegantly step over the boundaries of these very styles.

 5. Put the order in order. 

Absolutely no matter how beautiful your repair and genius design is. In an instant, a disorder kills any intention. Scattered things, chaotically arranged trinkets and photographs, unshaven shoes and a mess in the kitchen. All your sleepless nights in search of the color of the walls and the flour of the choice of a coffee table down the drain, if you do not pay proper attention to storage systems. From household appliances, to ballpoint pens - everything should be in its place.

4. Be attentive to the details

 Door handles, switches, sockets, mixers - these little things create an impression. You can rack your brains over the wood for the door leaf, but if this door squeaks or the hinges turn out to be stained with paint for the walls, you cannot do it.

3. Take care of the first impression

 British scientists have proved that a woman makes up her opinion of a man in the first 45 seconds of dating. The same can be said about your hallway. The front door and the space behind it are your face, the first and most memorable impression. If you want changes - start with the entrance door and lighting in the hallway. Recolor the door, replace the chandelier, lay a new mat and replace the shoe stand with an elegant calico.

2. Mix the old and new

 Do not try to make an interior from the cover. There is nothing worse than entering the apartment and feel inside the IKEA catalog. Mix old and new. Take the direction of the style as the basis, but let your house be natural, not copied from the interior magazine. 

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